Cloning for spinal research.

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> This article is very interesting. Are they continuing to test this stem
> cell research? Are they going to try it on humans? The outcomes could be
> very helpful and amazing, but we have to be careful in how much we mess
> with the way people are created.
> Robert Clark wrote:
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> > Another interesting development:
> > 
> > 'Super stem cell' tested in mice
> > "A stem cell derived from the bone marrow of adult mice can develop to form
> > virtually any other cell in the body, say scientists.
> > "This is the "ultimate" stem cell, claims the research team, who are
> > publishing details of their work in the journal Cell."
> > http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_1311000/1311491.stm
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 Stem cell research according to all reports is being very vigorously
investigated. You could contact the scientists involved in this
research on the links accompanying this story.

 Other interesting research is that contrary to prior belief neurons
in some regions of the human brain can regenerate:

Upending a long-held theory, a study finds that humans can 
grow new brain neurons throughout life--even into old age
Scientific American, November 1998

New Brain Cells
American Scientist
July-August 2000

Research: Research Turns Another 'Fact' into Myth
The Scientist 13[4]:16, Feb. 15, 1999
http://www.the-scientist.com/yr1999/feb/research_990215.html [requires
free registration]

Neurogenesis in the adult human hippocampus
Nature Medicine
November 1998 Volume 4 Number 11 pp 1313 - 1317
http://www.nature.com/neuro/web_specials/supp_info/nm1198_1313/ [full

 I wonder if the reason why this neurogenesis is restricted to certain
areas is because of these areas or because of the neurons themselves.
Could transplanting the nucleus of neurons from other areas into the
regenerating neurons allow them also to regenerate?

 Note that an article in Scientific American discusses that there are
still some questions whether this research can extend to actual

Biological Alchemy
The discovery that skin and bone marrow cells can transform into
neurons raises hopes--and many questions
Scientific American, February 2001

     Bob Clark

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