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In article <3B089667.C4AF95E2 at virginia.edu>, Nicholas Landau says...
>Gordon Couger wrote:
>> >> goodafternoon everybody
>> >>
>> >> i would like to know ,if is possible,which are the alternative solutions to
>> >> the vaccini??<injections>
>> >> thank you
>> Sure there is. Don't take them and run the risk of catching the disease. I don't
>> know anyone that had real serious problem from a vaccine. I know two people that
>> died of tetanus, dozens crippled by polio, my aunt died of whooping cough and
>> those are just off the top of my head.
>I wish I had you on hand when I argue with my anthroposophist friends.
>They think it will corrupt their children to be immunized against polio.
>All I can tell them is stories from my parents' generation about polio epidemics.
>I have never known anybody to have a serious problem with a vaccine,
>either. You read about remote statistics of adverse affects, and I guess
>people get scared. There was an outbreak of whooping cough in England
>and Holland a few years back, being passed around anthroposophist colonies.
>The trouble with relying on the scaricity of these diseases is that they
>all still exist in less developed parts of the world (except for small
>pox). People travel. All the un-inoculated person needs to do is to come
>into contact with a carrier from one of these places, and *bango*, end
>up dead or in a wheelchair.

Hopefully it happems before their childeren reproduce and pass on the
undesirable genes:}


Gordon Couger
Stillwater OK

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