Nicholas Landau njl2q at virginia.edu
Sun May 20 23:22:41 EST 2001

> karenporchet wrote:
> I'd like more information about where I can study post-graduate
> studies in Biotechnology or environmental Microbiology to get master
> degree.
> I've bachelor degree in Microbiology.
> During, cost, subjects and more.
> Thanks
> Catalina Herrera

Environmental microbiology is a great field. I think, in the USA, there
are a few powerhouses in this area: Cornell, University of
Massachussetts, Rutgers University, and Michigan State University. There
are many very good environmental microbiologists at other schools, as
well, but the listed schools have large numbers of great environmental microbiologists.

What is your particular interest? Very often the best person in a
certain aspect of environmental microbiology will not be found in a
school which is famous for environmemntal microbiology particularly.

Cost will not matter. Grad students are supported by the school. You
find a funded project, and sometimes you teach for a year or two.
Duration will be about two years for an MS, and at least four for a
Ph.D. (more likely five to seven).

Hope that helps.

--Nick Landau, Ph.D.

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