Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology

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If I remember correctly, early penicillin was recycled and recovered
from the patients' urine -  in the particular case that comes to mind it
was the urine of sick british policemen. It turned out that the
penicillin thus recovered was much more pure than the initial stuff
purified from the mold. Purification by Bobby.


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> > Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology
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> The first large scale production of penicillin was done in a
> remarkably large number of British bedpans.  When they finally went to
> submerged culture in vats the quintessential breakthrough in
> controlled addition of phenylacetic acid to make penicllin-G without
> killing the mold was made by a janitor tired of smelling cat piss
> (phenylacetic acid) everywhere.
> Let's not gild the lily.  Management has *always* been incompetent.
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