Legionnaire's Risk?

francois.benadie at eskom.co.za francois.benadie at eskom.co.za
Tue May 15 08:59:39 EST 2001


I would like to know if a person(s) goes into a pipe 2-3 meters in dia,
witch moments ago was filled with cooling water with a temperature of 30 -
40 oC, will there be a risk of contracting Legionnaire's disease?

This pipe does contain some form of mist/condensate still present in the
pipe, from the temperature of the water, after it has been drained.
Work time in the pipes will be a full shift (roughly 8-12 hours) immediately
after the pipes have been drained, then continue for about 10 days.  During
the first shift the pipe will be cleaned of water and any sludge, for it
needs to be coated inside - the reason for the work.

I know that there must be an active mist of the right particle size and it
must contain sufficient concentration of  a specific Legionella specie
present and the person involved must be susceptable to the disease.

Will wearing a face mask, similar to a dust mask but one with a smaller
particle size retention, be sufficient in preventing or reducing the risk
for Legionnaire's disease?

Testing for Legionnaire's (results in two weeks) is not an option as the
work time is restricted and has to start and finish on specific dates.
These test have been done on the main cooling water system and are within
the low or no risk region.

Francois Benadie
Arnot Power Station

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