How to determine the size of a clone library for community structure analysis ?

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Thu May 10 08:21:52 EST 2001

Hi all,

First of all...sorry for this crosspost, but I need to find an answer on the
question above. I'm working on microbial community structure analysis of
deep sea sediments and sofar I've used at least 10 clones per sample for
sequencing. Intuitively I would say that sequencing ten clones (out of a
number of x) gives a relative resolution of 10% (i.e. the relative abundance
of a clone to be picked up has to be higher than 10% before one will detect
this sequence). So the more clones are sequenced the more certain one can
say something about the relative abunce.
However, I would like to know (and I've looked in some literature and a lot
of web-sites) if there is a nice formula, which described the minimum amount
of clones needed, before one can make strong statements of relative


Sander Heijs
(PhD student)

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