Diagnosis of staph

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at chello.nl
Wed May 9 15:34:44 EST 2001

Tim Chance wrote:

> We run a Vital and have had no problems. Nothing is kept up for more than 5
> days and to be honest days 4 and 5 rarely yield anything significant.

Whether it is rare is not important.
Several times the Vital gave "negative" after 6 days, with N. meningitidis
present. Because the bottles had not been removed in the weekend they had been
incubating for 7 days. They were turbid, we made a Gramstain and subculture.
Yes, when looking at Vitals graph's a positive reaction is seen after the
"end-time". Trouble is, it keeps on measuring but that doesn't alter the
The same happened with Candida, and regularly with Propionibacterium.
Incubating for longer than 10 days is impossible. Forget about your fungal
cultures, forget about the endocarditis ........


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