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> the pH of wort is ussually around 5.2 or 5.3, which will keep most
> bacteria from growing.

No, it'll keep a specific group of bacteria from growing. There's a wide
range of bacteria with growth optima from pH 1.5 to pH 10.5, at least. Of
course, few if any of the obligate acidiphiles or alkaliphiles are
pathogenic, but many bacteria have surprisingly wide pH tolerance levels - I
would check rather than guessing..

> If you are canning, make sure you are careful
> with sanitation anyway (also, you could check on the rec.crafts.brewing
> newgroup.  They are pretty helpful). . . Russ
One of the main reasons for the high temperatures used to sterilise food for
canning is the fact that very little else will kill the spores of harmful
bugs such as C. botulinum. There are periodic reports of botulism (and other
things) arising from canned food where an operator has not carried out the
process correctly. I don't think I'd want to take the risk, especially if
the product is to be consumed by other people.
Lesley Robertson

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