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>Our problem is that our bloodculture machine (Vital) can only be programmed
>for 10
>days max.

We program our Bactec 9640 ( is that the correct model # ?) when the ID docs
make a special request, usually for 21 or 28 days. We also have the machine
programmed for afb and fungus blood cultures for 42 and 28 days (special media
is used). Routine cultures are programmed for 5 days from insertion into the
machine. With the fluorometric detection device, we've gotten coliforms growing
from blood cultures to detectable levels in 8 hours. The best I've ever seen
for a pneumococci was 12 hours. Rarely have I seen a significant staph grow out
after 4 days, even when the docs have requested we hold the cultures longer. 
We no longer subculture our bottles because of the sensitivity of the
fluorometric system and because it is continuously monitored. We have the
Bactec interfaced with the lab computer and all we have to do is barcode the
bottle sticker and the patient sticker and let the machine do all the work,
paper work included. We have three of the big 300 bottle incubators and it
would taker an army to blind sub the specimens. We do blind sub when the
machine flags the bottle and we see no organisms on gram stain. This occurance
is rare and usually due to overfilling of the bottle or to a high patient white
This machine is wonderful.

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