Diagnosis of staph

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Wed May 2 23:29:52 EST 2001

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>Can anyone tell me whether two days time sufficient to detect growth of a 
>culture coagulase negative staph?  If not, how long does it generally take to
>be sure there is no grownth.

I read the 'Manual of Clinical Microbiology', published by ASM,  a while ago,
but I seem to remember that coagulase negative Staphs can take even weeks to
grow particularly from prosthetic heart valves.  We sign out our negative
cultures in 3 days but hold the broth cultures for 7 days, screening them daily
for growth before we discard them. We hold blood cultures for 5 days before
reporting them as negative. For more information, I suggest you read the
chapter on Staph in the 'Manual of Clinical Microbiology'.

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