Diagnosis of staph

John Gentile yjgent at home.com
Wed May 2 22:52:58 EST 2001

CNS grows fairly rapidly so 2 days is more than enough. However why are you
asking? We set our time frames by the type of specimen and what organisms we
can expect to cause a problem. Most of the time Coag neg Staph is not
identified to species level and antibiotic sensitivities are not done. We
usually consider it to be normal flora.

In a blood culture we would consider it to be a problem IF there are several
repeat cultures that are positive and the patient had febrile symptoms. We
hold blood cultures for 7 days or until there is growth.

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> From: JoeBreaux at aol.com
> Organization: BIOSCI/MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
> Newsgroups: bionet.microbiology
> Date: 2 May 2001 22:44:55 +0100
> Subject: Diagnosis of staph
> Can anyone tell me whether two days time sufficient to detect growth of a
> culture coagulase negative staph?  If not, how long does it generally take to
> be sure there is no grownth.
> Thanks
> pam Breaux 
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