Yeast advice needed

martin weiss weissm at rockefeller.edu
Wed May 2 12:11:03 EST 2001

	I am trying to set up an activity for use in our science 
museum using yeast and I need some advice on how to get dried yeast 
to awaken quickly or a mutant strain that might awaken quicker than 
the dried yeast I can purchase. Basically visitors are asked to 
determine whether a soil sample has living things in it or not by 
first adding water to each. One has an Alka Seltzer tablet ground in 
to in and the other has yeast. Then the task is to tell the 
difference between a chemical reaction and a reaction due to a living 

	Since the seltzer tablet reacts instantly to the water and 
the yeast does not I'd like to find a way of speeding up the yeast 
reaction or finding a yeast mutant that evolves carbon dioxide 

Sorry for the cross posting.


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