elie wollman of 'interrupted mating' fame

Rob In Hood 9oij0i0-t4ojbno at waohow.net
Tue May 1 15:59:52 EST 2001

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Not sure, but I think there may be some material put out by Cold Spring
ca. 1968-71.  I recall reading a special edition of biographical materials
on the greats who founded molecular biology.

Muck about in the back editions of CSH  publications.

Brian Hoyle wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a science writer, currently working on some research concerned with
> Elie Wollman. He and Francois Jacob performed the 'interrupted mating'
> experiments in 1957 which demonstrated the linearity of transfer of
> genetic information and clarified the mechanism of conjugation.
> For a scientist of such seminal influence, I find precious little on
> him. Does anyone know where I might a source concerning his birth,
> education, interests, etc?
> Thank you for any help you can offer.
> Sincerely, Brian Hoyle

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