Seeking manuals ...

Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at zui.unizh.ch
Fri Jun 29 02:15:54 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

	I recently ,inherited" a Spectronic 20D spectrophotometer which
is in need of repair before I can use it.  However, the shop to which I 
brought the instrument said that they wouldn't touch it without having
the appropriate schematic.  If they are not tooooo long, would someone be
willing to airmail me a photocopy of the Spectronic 20D Operator's
Manual and the Spectronic 20D Service Manual?

	Before mailing me anything, kindly contact me first _directly_

toukie at zui.unizh.ch

Thanks in advance to all responders,

S. Shapiro
toukie at zui.unizh.ch

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