Quick Questions: Molecular Biology Software Tools

Yoram Gerchman gerchman at Princeton.EDU
Tue Jun 12 22:43:40 EST 2001

>1. From what you've heard, experienced, or feel please tell me the 5 
>most popular "commercial" computer software...
I used Clone manager, GCG and tried Lazergene and Vector NTI. All expensive
and some very complicated to use.
>2. What are the 5 most popular "freeware" computer software tools 
>used within molecular biology? 
>3. What complaints do you have with the commercial and/or freeware 
>computer software tools? 
Cost, user interfase, none of the sharewares can look for silence
restriction sites.
>4. What operating system (OS) would researchers "prefer" to use their 
>software tools on: Unix/Linux, Mac, or Windows? 
Mac and Windows, linux would be nice too but I don't know manny molecular
biologist that use it.


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