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Harri Savilahti hsavila at Operoni.helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 12 01:45:30 EST 2001

Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki
Beginning approx. 1.9.2001 or later (negotiable)


On studies dealing with DNA transposition mechanisms in in vivo and in
vitro model systems including utilization of such reactions in
exciting new biotechnology and molecular biology applications.
Expertise in biochemistry, genetics, and microbiology or alternatively
in structural biology and chemistry required. Salary for a minimum of
2 years; with a succesful candidate an extension for a substantially
longer period is also possible. Application side of the research is
conducted in close collaboration with the Finnzymes Inc. See
www.finnzymes.fi for more information about DNA transposition
reactions and novel products based on the in vitro DNA transposition
technology. Financing: Academy of Finland (e.g. Life 2000) and
Technology Development Center (TEKES). Please, send your application
with a CV and preferably two references by mail or E-mail. Tel. 191
59516, harri.savilahti at helsinki.fi

The Institute of Biotechnology is situated in the University's Viikki
Biocenter, the largest natural sciences campus in Finland. With the
adjacent faculty of Agriculture, more than 1000 scientists and 2500
students work here making the Science Park one of the largest
biocenters in Europe. The Institute of Biotechnology has approx. 150
academically-trained reseachers in ca. 15 groups covering cell,
molecular, developmental, molecular plant, and structural biology as
well as protein chemistry. The Institute is physically situated 6 km
north of the center of the city. Helsinki is a pleasant seaside city
of half a million inhabitants, in a metropolitan area of slightly over
a million.

Contact Information:
Harri Savilahti, Ph.D.
Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland
Group Leader (Program in Cellular Biotechnology)
Institute of Biotechnology, Viikki Biocenter
PO. Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9)
00014 University of Helsinki

A selection of recent publications:

Savilahti, H., Rice, P. A. and Mizuuchi, K. 1995: The phage Mu
transpososome core: DNA requirements for assembly and function. -EMBO
Journal 19: 4893-4903.

Savilahti, H. and Mizuuchi, K. 1996: Mu transpositional recombination:
donor DNA cleavage and strand transfer in trans by the MuA
transposase. -Cell 85: 271-280.

Haapa, S., Suomalainen, S., Eerikäinen, S., Airaksinen, M., Paulin, L.
and Savilahti, H. 1999: An efficient DNA sequencing strategy based on
the bacteriophage Mu in vitro DNA transposition reaction. -Genome Res.
9: 308-315.

Haapa, S., Taira, S., Heikkinen, E. and Savilahti H. 1999: An
efficient and accurate integration of mini-Mu transposons in vitro: a
general methodology for functional genetic analysis and molecular
biology applications. -Nucleic Acids Res. 27: 2777-2784.

Laurent, L. C., Olsen, M. N., Crowley, R. A., Savilahti H and Brown,
P.O. 2000: Functional characterization of the human immunodeficiency
virus type 1 genome by genetic footprinting. -J. Virol. 74: 2760-2769.

Vilen H., Eerikäinen, S., Tornberg, J., Airaksinen, M. and Savilahti
H. 2001:Construction of gene-targeting vectors: a rapid Mu in vitro
DNA transposition-based strategy generating null, potentially
hypomorphic, and conditional alleles. -Transgenic Res. 10: 69-80.

Harri Savilahti
Institute of Biotechnology
PO BOX 56, Viikinkaari 9
00014 University of Helsinki
tel. + 358-9-191 59516
fax. + 358-9-191 59571


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