Is this a microbiology posting

Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Mon Jun 11 11:33:07 EST 2001

Hey, for some folks, possibly even the poster of the original message, their
penis *is* micro-biology!

"R. Jayakumar" wrote:

> Dear Users
>     I was shocked to get this news-item in my mailbox.  Is this is a sort of
> dirty joke or a serious scientific discussion?.  I hope BIONET moderators
> would take their job more seriously.. instead of wasting our online time
> with such nonsense.
> Subject: Natural PENIS ENLARGEMENT...FREE INFO ...
> > Thousands have enlarged their penis 3-5 inches in only weeks
> > using Kl Maximum.


Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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