Image analyzers for gel electrophoresis

Leonid V. Kozarez leonid at videotest.ru
Fri Jun 8 07:04:34 EST 2001

You may like to look up to VideoTesT's site: www.videotest.ru
You can make  a lot of measurements with VideoTesT - Size 4.0.
Colony counting is possible with VideoTesT-Colony Count.

Leonid at videotest.ru

Trond Erik Vee Aune <teva at online.no> ОХЬЕР Б
ЯННАЫЕМХХ:3B1E50EC.9E86539F at online.no...
> Hi again
> I currently use Quantity One image analyzer to analyze my DNA
> electrophoresis gels. Unfortunately the program is not good enough for
> my needs, it has lots of problems estimating size of fragments from
> standards, estimating concentration of bands, and colony counting. I
> actually think this is because of really bad algorithms.
> Does anyone here have another program to recommend? It would be great if
> it could import pictures directly from my LCD camera (gel doc 2000 -
> biorad).
> (Is there a better newsgroup for genetics than this? My search have met
> with unsuccess.)
> Regards,
> Trond Erik Vee Aune

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