purification of an antifungal compound

Dr. Artem Evdokimov eudokima at mail.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Jun 6 12:45:48 EST 2001

You have to provide a little more information about the stuff.
Generally, chromatographic techniques can result in good separation over
only one or two steps but you have to work out the conditions. Is this
compound charged ? Polar ? Hydrophobic ? How big it is ? What's the
solubility in organic solvents ? etc. Do you have reliable (and simple)
methods for detection of the compound and evaluation of specific
activity ? What else is in your bacterial supernatant ?

Purification steps would strongly depend on the nature of the compound
and of the contaminants.


"R. Jayakumar" wrote:
> Dear Friends,
>     I am looking for a simple protocol to purify a particular antifungal
> compound being produced by my bacterial strain.  This compound is highly
> thermostable and is secreted into the culture supernatant.  Since our lab
> has no expertise in this sort of work, I would really appreciate any advice
> and help regarding this matter.
>    thank you
> sincerely
> jayakumar
> i
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