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zerohourx at yahoo.com zerohourx at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 19:48:04 EST 2001

--> Bioinformatics TOP 4 Questions  <--

I have just gained an interest in the bioinformatics field.  I have
computer programming experience but very little biology/chemistry
knowledge, except for the courses taken in high-school and university.
I've volunteered my services to help create a database management
program but nothing down the lines of image processing, not yet any

For starters can someone tell me the answers to the following

1.  Who are the top bioinformatics companies?

2.  What are the top bioinformatics computer software products used by
researchers, commercial AND freeware?

3.  For the top commercial bioinformatics computer software products
can you tell me their selling price range.

4.  What are the biggest complaints science researchers have with
these commercial and freeware computer software products?

Thanks a bunch.  And if you could email me directly I would be very

zerohourx at yahoo.com

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