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annie_t annie_t at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 5 17:26:21 EST 2001

Pourers? (although "thingsies" is a great word!! I tend to use - "whatsits"

Which work well until a tube gets blocked + suddenly ( if you're pouring
blood agar plates) it looks like a scene from Texas Chain Saw massacre!

Ahhh..... those were the days!

Now, the only agar I pour is for electrophoreisis gels for PCR!

Anne :o)

"lamb" <L.A.M.Buisman at chello.nl> wrote in message
news:3B44D7EC.5CD98848 at chello.nl...
> Larry Farrell wrote:
> > Am I simply overlooking something here or does this completely miss the
need to
> > sterilize the medium?  Just because the agar has been melted and mixed
into a
> > medium does not mean that the medium is sterile.  Even pre-mixed media
> > agar must be sterilized, and sterilization in an autoclave heats the
medium long
> > enough and hot enough to melt the agar.  Of course, it still needs to be
> > after removal from the autoclave, once it has cooled enough that it
doesn't boil
> > over when you mix it, to assure that the molten agar is evenly mixed
> > the medium.
> Seems likely, for water analysis ....
> Do you happen to know why is it that according to the handbooks agar
always has to be
> dissolved by boiling before autoclaving?
> We never do, it costs time, it is dangerous, and we want the exposure to
heat as
> short as possible. After autoclaving we place the erlenmeyers in a
waterbath with
> magnetic stirrers until adding supplements and pouring.
> For larger batches we have nice automatic thingsies, can't think of th
English word
> for them.
> Loes

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