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Where and Why Did AIDS Begin?

Tom Keske TKeske at mediaone.net
Wed Jul 4 10:19:01 EST 2001


Here is some information that might help to clarify Michael's
earlier question about when/where the first U.S. AIDS case

Alan had mentioned to me about a CDC report in 1981
that covered the first known cases that had transpired over
the previous 30 months, and indicated Manhattan as the source
of the first cases.

Edward Hooper's book, "The River" discusses these first
reports, on pages 6-7, and clarifies why some people
wrongly claim that Los Angeles was the site of the
"first" cases.

The very first report from the CDC was in May 1981,
in the CDC's "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report",
(MMWR).   This was written by two Los Angeles doctors,
Michael Gottlieb and Wayne Shandera, and was titled,
"Pneumoncystis Pneumonia- Los Angeles".

However, Hooper goes on to say, "In fact, the Los Angeles
team was not the first to recognize the new condition, but
rather the first to announce its existence in print.  Four weeks
later, another piece appears in MMWR, this time cowritten by
several doctors from New York and California, headed by
Alvin Friedman-Kien and  Linda Laubenstein of the New
York University Medical Center.  It transpires that for the
last thirty months, these doctors have been seeing another
rare disease in homosexual men- this time a malignant
condition known as Kaposi's sarcoma."

This is the report to which Alan referred.  Of these men,
20 were from New York and 6 from California.

In the past, I have gotten arguments on the gaynet
newsgroup, from people who claimed that Los Angeles
was the site of the "first" AIDS cases, and that therefore
the experimental hepatitis vaccines given to gay men in
NY and SF could not have started the epidemic.  Clearly,
those arguments were poorly-informed misrepresentations.

For an in-depth explanation of why AIDS in U.S. gay men
almost certainly was sparked by intentionally contaminated
vaccines, please see this URL:


Now, a bit of a philosophical tangent...

The fact that there are two different alleged links, on two
different continents, for two different vaccines,
independently charged with sparking AIDS, ought
by rights to be making the gay community look a
little more seriously.   In fact, the critic who spread
this misinformation did not find the clarification in
Hooper's book, because at another time, the same
critic was claiming that Hooper's book wasn't worth

Why are people like this?   I suspect for similar reasons
that we see an "ex-gay movement.", which is probably
is also a variation of the "self-hating Jew" syndrome,
or the phenomenon of concentration camp victims
developing an emotional dependency on their sadistic

In 1865, the Confederacy passed a bill allowing the
arming of slaves to fight against the Union.   You would
think that if you armed slaves, they would turn on their
owners, but obviously, there must have been some who
would not only refuse to question authority, but would
cooperate with it willingly, no matter how hostile that
authority might be to their basic dignity.

Philosophers long ago warned that slavery would someday
take an "invisible" form.   It appears that the same prediction
could have been made for the art of genocide.

Our battle is to get people over their tendency to be slaves to
their own preconceptions, and slaves to their own sense
of comfort and safety.

Tom Keske

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