Endotoxin Testing

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Endotoxins are derived from the cell walls of gram negative bacteria, and
are very heat resistant. It is possible to have something that is
microbiologically sterile but which contains endotoxin, example, an
autoclaved suspension of E. coli will be sterile but will be packed with
endotoxin. When carrying out endotoxin tests, tubes and pipettes are
generally made from glass which can be sterilised in a hot air oven at 200C.
This is capable of destroying endotoxin, preventing false positives. Pipette
tips etc are normally purchased from manufacturers specifying their products
are endotoxin free. If you use water for making dilutions or for controls it
is imporatnt to use water guaranteed to be free of endotoxin, autoclaving
and filtersterilising cannot be relied on to produce endotoxin free water.

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Derek Law

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R Burgess <rburgess_1997 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> I am new to the medical device industry and endotoxin
> testing.  I am looking for references citing the use
> of sterile versus non-sterile medical devices in
> endotoxin testing.
> I would greatly appreciate any insight that can be
> sent my way!
> Richard
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