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Working in a complex matrix such as described below you require an
instrument capable of multiparametric measurement and also multichannel
discrimination. The only instrumenat commercially available with
the latter feature is the Beckman-Coulter Elite / Altra.

Odbjorn has improved the scatter detection of the microcyt by
introducing a cooled avalanche dioda as a forward scatter detector, but
I have not worked with that.
 If you sit in the states you might also want to contact advenced
analytical with their instrument or Chemunex who operates in that field
already for quite some years and claims exactly such applications.
However, send me a mail before you want to buy anything so we might be
able to talk to each other in more detail.

All the best

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  nmaccallister at webtv.net (Neil MacCallister) wrote:
> Thank you for the info you have presented, I'll look in to it. Have
> used the cytometer? Will it work for suspensions of cosmetic creams,
> lotions, and raw materials (ginger extract, ginseng powder)...or only
> full grown populations in clear broth?  I've written the company for
> that information,..but maybe you have experience. Anyway,..Thank you,
> again!

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