Medical, Chemical, Life Science Spell Check add on for Microsoft's Word Package

Wesley reppeaz at home.com
Sat Jan 27 21:12:48 EST 2001

FYI:  Recently picked as an Editor's 4 star pick by ZDNet:
"Don't worry about misspelling biological terms -- get Wesley's Medical Life
Science Spell Check, a set of add-on spelling dictionaries for Microsoft
Word. After installation, a colorful Word document walks you through the
process of adding the new dictionaries. This trial version (which may be
used indefinitely) contains 50,000 words that begin with the letters "B"
through "L" in fields of anatomy, bacteriology, biochemistry, biology,
botany, cell biology, chemistry, developmental biology, ecology,
endocrinology, engineering, entomology, enzymology, evolution, forestry,
fungi, genetics, histology, immunology, invertebrate zoology, microbiology,
molecular biology, mycology, nutrition, paleontology, physiology, plant
pathology, systematics, toxicology, vertebrate zoology, virology, zoology,
cardiology, hematology, medicine, neurology, oncology, pathology,
pharmacology, physics, radiology, surgery, and veterinary medicine. You'll
also find FDA-approved drugs through 2000, medical devices, surgical
procedures, pharmaceutical companies, and more. The full version promises
175,000 total words."

Find us at :  http://wesleys.hypermart.net
Contains microbiology terms!



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