Looking for a Procedure to Collect Lymphocytes

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Sat Jan 27 09:38:54 EST 2001

Joseph, try the following site
http://www.the-scientist.com/yr1999/sept/cell_990913.pdf   It lists the
websites to several companies that provide cell separation media and
methods. Of course the procedure you choose will be need to be based on why
you are removing the lymphocytes (do you want just B cells, T cells, etc.or
would it be allright if a few RBC's or other WBC's remain with the
lymphocytes). We routinely use a solution called Lymphoprep to separate
PBMC's from heparinized whole blood so that we can extract DNA from the
PBMC's and perform PCR testing.
Good Luck,
Carl Johnson MT (ASCP)

Joseph Passero <jp at spacelab.net> wrote in message
news:3A71F2E7.CD832F54 at spacelab.net...
> I am looking for a procedure to collect 3ml of lymphocytes (not damaged)
from fresh human blood.
> I have available a 15,000 rpm centrifuge (an Eppendorf 5412) and 2ml
Eppendorf microcerterfuge
> tubes.
> Can some one recommend a site that may have a procedure or post/email me a
> Thank You
> Best Regards
> Joseph Passero
> mailto:jp at spacelab.net

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