Proteins in E. coli coexpressed with recombinant proteins?

Michael R. Thompson Mike.Thompson at nrc.ca
Tue Jan 23 11:08:18 EST 2001

Hi Emir,

Do you know what the RecA mutation is in the BLR strain? If it is due to a
point mutation or partial deletion in the RecA gene, it is possible that you
are getting some cross-reacting native RecA protein product, albeit

Regards, Mike.

Emir wrote in message ...
>I was wondering if anything is known about the indigenous E.coli (or other
>bacterial) proteins that are expressed in response to expression of
>(poisonous) recombinant proteins.
>Here's my case. I am expressing a 6his-tagged yeast DNA-binding protein in
>E. coli (BLR, a RecA- strain) from a T7 promoter-driven expression vector
>(pET-11). The protein is a homologue of RecA <SNIP>

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