plasmid prep.in Streptococci

Ola Ween ola.ween at ikb.nlh.no
Mon Jan 22 05:25:33 EST 2001

I have had some problems with low yield and contamination with genomic DNA
in my plasmid preps. from Streptococci. My preps are based on the procedure
from Vriesema et at. (1996) using combination of alkali lysis and
purification on Qiagen-tip 20 columns.

In the lysis of my cells I incubate at 37C for 2h with 20ug/ml lysozyme and
0.1U/ml mutanolysin before the alkali lysis step.

Do anyone have any experience/tips on minipreps from streptococci ??

Ola Ween

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