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Fungi for sure.

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> We live in Palmerston North (New Zealand) and this is approaching peak
> Our climate is temperate, rarely freezes (ave about 13C, range 5 - 28 C)
> with ave 900 mm rainfall.
> We have a Weeping Willow tree (Salix sp) stump in the garden, tree was cut
> down about 3 years ago. Few days ago I noticed a bright yellow "growth" on
> the stump. It was about twice the size of a credit card and consisted of
> a layer of small spheres  - half the size of a pin head. The growth
> and was moist to touch. It appeared to have flowed over the uneven surface
> of the stump.
> We noticed it about 7 pm (sunset about 8:45 pm}. By the next morning it
> changed colour to dark red - brown. It appeared now to consist of tightly
> packed, very fine stalks ( 5mm long) supporting the small sheres that were
> now also deep red - brown. The growth glistened in the sunlght. It slowly
> dried and darkened during the day. By the next day it had shrunk and
> when pressed, its contents were powdery.
> The night following the appearance of the first growth we saw another,
> colour and appearance but half a credit card in size. It followed the same
> sort of changes in a similar time frame as the first.
> We have photographed these growths and tried videoing the second, but
> have good enough equipment for any useful records.
> We guess its a reproductive phase of something - our garden has an
> of fungi. Anybody got any suggestions and leads ??
> Thanks: Andrew
> http://www.zfree.co.nz

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