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Hi Mirim

most of the pathogenic bacteria lose there pathoginicity when grown on
artificial medium. I think that is the reason why the etec strain is
losing the olasmid too. It is advisable to pass the pathogenic bacteria
through a host. which keeps its all pathoginicity properties. subculturing
is not recomonded. another thing you can do is to aliquote the fresh
culture( when obtained) and store in glecerol at -70 degrees in different
tubes. use each tube for not more then 3-4 subculturing.
use such culturfor the experiment

wish you good luck

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> Hi everbody.
> I have a couple of cuestions:
> 1)Does anyone know how easily ETEC can lost his plasmids (specially ST)?
> 2)Which is the best storage medium that allows to keep the plasmids for a
> long term, mainly at room temperature?
> I am asking this because I have been working with this bacteria since a year
> ago, and I have noted that my strains have lost his plasmids (ST). I am
> detecting the plasmid by PCR and I am worried about the time between the
> isolation and precess time (3-4 months), I have been using the Dorset egg
> medium at room temp. (is it ok?).
> Thanks in advance.
> Miriam Arciniega.
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