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> You can work for any company in the world, and (if you wish) stay in
> Michigan.   Forget the labs!  You're young.  The key word is "sales".  
> All
> of the bioscience/medical/scientific industries are always looking for 
> good
> salespeople.   Find any related industry looking for a rep in the area 
> you
> wish to reside.  (Stay away from pharmaceutical sales.)  Get two or three
> years sales experience and you can write your own ticket.
> good luck.
> Jim
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> > Hey everyone,
> > I am starting to look for a job for after my graduation in May.  I will
> have
> > a BS in Microbiology from MSU.  I just want to know the names of any 
> > micro
> > related companies and businesses in Michigan that I can look up some 
> > more
> > information on.  I already know about Upjohn, Neogen, and Pfizer.  
> > Please
> > email any ideas directly to me.  Thanks a lot for all of your help.
> > Sincerely,
> > Cody
> > fraszcod at msu.edu
> >
> >

Check a website called biospace.com.....

Don't limit yourself to bacteriology.....your degree also qualifies you 
for other types of work....molecular biology...cell biology....to name a 
few. The field of medical technology requires ASCP certification, but 
check with local med techs to see if you can work toward certification 
while you work. Quite a few years ago, I took a bacti job at a major 
medical center with just a BS in Micro. I studied and took the 
Microbiology Specialist test and got my certification as a clinical 
microbiologist. I don't know if doing it that way is still possible. 
Contact private testing labs....biological and chemical....
Check with the state and local health departments....
Sales is a possibility, but most companies prefer someone a bit older 
than a new graduate....with developed "people skills" and some practical 

Good Luck....

mgross at atcc.org

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