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meher.trabelsi meher.trabelsi at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jan 4 15:06:48 EST 2001

Hello ,

   I'm a french student and i've heard of people wishing to use the 
computering technologies in medicine.
   I mean (excuse me for my english....) it must be possible to use the 
microscopic technologies (used to build procesors or other components) 
to 'repair' very small things like nerves or things like that.
   For example, I've seen an add telling that with small pieces of metal 
with very small lines, it's possible to guide microorganisms that the 
body use to repair sinews and so even if the sinew is cut.
   I'm searching for links that could help me to make a show on this 
subject. Could you  help me to find something ?

If you don't mind, my e-mail is meher.trabelsi at wanadoo.fr or you can 
respond in the newsgroup.

Thank your for your help.


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