need help with science report

Jay Mone jaymone at paonline.com
Thu Jan 4 15:06:07 EST 2001


You've picked a difficult subject from a technical standpoint.   A decent
college-level Biology text book should be able to provide some background
information.  In particular, since  mitochondrial diseases are due to
mutations or other changes in the mitochondrial DNA, you can at least get
background on the different types of mutations which can arise and what
their effects are.  From there it gets a bit more challenging to find
information because the material gets more technical.  The Merck Manual,
seventeenth ed. has small but informative sections dealing with
mitochondrial DNA abnormalities and mitochondrial diseases.  But go to the
general biology text first and read about DNA and mitochondria structure and
function so you have the background for the Merck.

Happy hunting!

Jay Mone' 


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