32* incubator humidity?

Neil MacCallister nmaccallister at webtv.net
Thu Jan 4 05:11:40 EST 2001

Thank you for responding! I like the idea of sandwich bagging the
plates. I just never had this degree of dessication with the smaller,
passive air flow units I used earlier.  I went ahead and reset the
humidity setpoint up to 85% because I was still losing water at 50-75%
USP-24 implies I should continue to raise the humidity until there is a
cessation to the weigh-balance noted loss of water from the plates
(Sorption rate equal to evaporation rate.)
I will then set the controller to 5% below that equilibrium point. 
If I can get that point established for these agars,..that will be
great,..until then, I think I will take your suggestion and bag them.

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