Archiva 3.05 Reference Management Software

Wanli Ma WMa at LegendNet.NoSpam.com
Wed Jan 3 19:41:02 EST 2001

Welcome to try out Archiva 3.05 at http://www.Legend2000.com/Archiva/   It
is free and it is not time-limited with only one extra requirement of an
active internet connection while using the program:

Achiva is an advanced reference management system with integrated word
processor.  Unlike most other commercial products, it is no longer limited
to text file.  Pictures and tables are only a few additions.  What is more,
the collection of a reference is no more than a few drag and drop.  The
simplified protocol does not require user to do tedious parsing into
different fields.  Several level of auto-import functions makes existing
reference lists from a document just a click away ... ...

Legend Microsystems, Inc.

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