Microbiology List: FW: Does anyone know of how to determine age of virus

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at chello.nl
Wed Jan 3 15:14:16 EST 2001

Yersinia wrote:

> John Gentile writes,
> <Some of these like the Herpes family can set up residence in our body
> with little knowledge of the host. They
> usually just sit there being pretty dormant until at some point they
> decide to emerge. Cold sores and the skin rash of Shingles are a couple of
> examples.>
> Is my memory bad, or what? Cold sores and Herpes Simplex I, yes, but  I
> thought shingles (a disease of older people) was caused by varicella
> zoster virus, the same one that causes chicken pox in children.
> ~Yersinia.

Varicella is one of the Herpes viruses.
Also called Herpes zoster



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