Reflection on foot & mouth policy

lamb l.a.m.buisman at chello.nl
Wed Feb 28 15:17:20 EST 2001

"J.Rowlands" <oss004 at bangor.ac.uk> wrote:
>Dear all,
>Dramatic pictures of burning carcasses in lieu of the F&M infection
>episode.  I wonder if the aerosols produced in all this mess might actually
>lead to an increased risk of spreading?  Surely some low-temperature areas
>will lead to aerosols that will take to the air in a big, buoyant warm
>bubble of smoke?  
>What do others think?

I wondered too when I saw the announcement before it was lit.
It was explained the pyre was packed, mixed (?) with coal, straw, and saturated with fuel. 
To me it seemed very well thought over. 
Seeing the fire and how long it lasted I have no doubt this was a very professional job.
I very much doubt there could be "cold spots' in a fire like that.

Amsterdam, watching the BBC and wondering what other horrors are in store for the British farmers.

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