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Wed Feb 28 03:22:50 EST 2001

Out of interest there is an article in the December 2000 edition of the
Journal of Applied Microbiology (Vol 89 part 6, pages 1048-1058) titled  'An
investigation into the pathogenic properties of Escherichia coli strains
BLR, BL21, DH5 alpha and EQ' by H. Chart, H. R. Smith et al.  This showed
that none of the strains tested including DH5 carried  recognized pathogenic
mechansims and did not produce disease in a a variety of animals.

Derek Law


Lesley Robertson <l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl> wrote in message
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> > Hi Eric:
> >             Have you been in touch with Health Canada or CFIA?  They'll
> need
> > to give you an import licence and should be able to help with
> pathogenicity
> > questions. However, if this request is a follow-up to contact with them,
> and
> > they've asked you for this info, then why not just declare them as risk
> group
> > 2 agents (no E. coli is classified higher than this in North America)
> file
> > the appropriate forms?
> >
> You'll find the information on the European BioSafety site. The specific
> page with addresses is:
> http://biosafety.ihe.be/Guidelines/CAN/LCDCGB/lbg3_e.html#3.1
> There are regulations regarding transport of pathogens as well, also given
> on the same page.
> Another section of the same site gives E. coli as risk group 2.
> The index to this site is:
> http://biosafety.ihe.be/Guidelines/CAN/LCDCGB/index.html
> No doubt this is also available on a Canadian server, but I don't have the
> URL.
> Lesley Robertson
> Delft.
> http://www.beijerinck.bt.tudelft.nl

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