Maximum specific growth rate

robert.cumming robert.cumming at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 27 16:49:07 EST 2001

Assuming bacterial growth follows Monod kinetics, at high substrate concs
the specific growth rate will be at its maximum (mu-max). In batch culture
we have high substrate concs (at least at the start); therefore cells grow
at mu max, as predicted in the Monod equation.
Further, the exponential/logarithmic equation for bacterial growth is formed
by integrating a differential one, assuming mu is CONSTANT. Mu is ONLY
constant at mu-max. Indeed the log equation only applies during log growth!

Why then, do we not see the exponential equation in texts with mu-max in it
instead of the ubiquitous mu?

ie Xt=X0*e^(mu-max*t)

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