AnaeroGen by Oxoid?

Marlene DeMers mdemers at sunstroke.sdsu.edu
Tue Feb 27 15:46:45 EST 2001

We are currently trying the new Anaerobic packs by Oxoid called AnaeroGen
that do not require the addition of water or a catalyst.  I was wondering
if anyone else has tried them and if they teach what the actual reaction is
that is taking place in the jar?  The insert just says that it reduce the
oxygen level in the jar to below 1% within 30 minutes and the carbon
dioxide level will be between 9-13%.  As an educator I want to give the
students the full balanced equation.  I will look further but thought I
would ask the group?

Thanks in advance for any info you send,

Marlene DeMers CLS,MT(ASCP)SH
SDSU Biology Dept.
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San Diego, Ca. 92182-4614
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