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>we work with a koagulase -reagens from the firma
>but in the last time we have more and more false negative

That shouldn't happen. Current test kits provide 100% sensitivity and
97-98% specificity (the best ones). Maybe storage conditions were

>Can give me some tips or know someone better products?
>Especially  with MRSA we have problems and with "normal" resistant
>Staphylococci too

Modern tests catch Staph aureus in at least one of three points: CF
(clumping factor), protein A, changed polysaccharides of MRSA strains.
If Murex test is not able to do this last thing (it should be written
in the instruction leaflet) then of course you will have problems with
Well, you may try Oxoid 'Dryspot Staphytect Plus': blue latex, 2 year
shelf life, no liquid chemicals, you can keep it at room temperature.
You can find your local distributor in Austria at www.oxoid.com

>Sorry of my bad English ( isn't my mother- language)

No problem. Fortunately there are different nations in the world.
To cheer you up I can say that English is neither my mother nor father
nor even anybody from my big family :)
It's good you were not afraid to ask!!!

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