Filamentous bacteria identification

Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Sun Feb 25 13:15:12 EST 2001

Given the quality of the pictures, and the fact that direct microscopic
observation is not sufficient to differentiate them, I would suggest
that you have one of the sheathed bacteria, such as Sphaerotilus,
Leptothrix or Thiothrix.

Albert Parisien wrote:

> I am a student in water sanitation and I am trying to identify the
> filamentous bacteria responsible for the foaming on the aeration tank
> in an activated sludge process. I have a few pictures(not of great
> quality but are better seen with acdsee program).
> This is the url to the pictures
> http://content.communities.msn.ca/Bacterieau/PhotoAlbum
> You can acces the photos by cliking on shoebox.
> Photos Dscn 58,59 and 60 are the same slide. It's the bacteria causing
> the foam.
> Photos Dscn 62 and 63 are the bacteria suspected of causing the foam
> that have   been isolated from a streptomyces medium ( the Petri dish)
> Photo Dscn 56 is from mixt liquor from the aeration tank.
> If anyone has the time to look at them and help me identify the
> bacteria it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Albert Parisien
> albert.parisien at sympatico.ca

Larry D. Farrell, Ph,D.
Professor of Microbiology
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