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I received my degree in Microbiology from UT Austin in May '97.  It's
not whether we're using our degrees but I think your question really
is-can you make any money with a degree in Microbiology.  The answer
is-it depends on where you are.  There are jobs out there-I never had
a problem finding a job using my degree.  Since 1997, I've worked in 4
different labs and all using my degree directly.  Here in Texas, right
out of school, you'll probably start off anywhere from $9/hr to
$15/hr.  Actually, $15/hr is hard to come by.  If you started off at
Texa Dept. of Health, as a Microbiologist 1 (entry level) you'll make
about $11/hr.  I've known people to go and work for Texas Natural
Resource Conservation Commission and they'll get a salary of
$28,000/yr to $30,000/yr.  I also know people with Masters Degrees
making $13-$15/hr or up to $30,000/yr.  If you plan on working in the
field of Microbiology, then you need to plan on getting more than a
Bachelors or be willing to relocate.  As for me, I worked in two
different labs in my first year out of school (a clinical pathology
lab and an allergy lab (bacterilogy)), then instead of going to get my
Masters, I went and got a second Bachelors in Computer Science.  I
don't regret anything.  I graduate in July and I just got my first
offer two days ago and it was for $54,000/yr.  Not too bad.  You have
to realize how long it would take to get that salary with a
Microbiology degree-it would take awhile!

On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:00:19 GMT, "Petrovich" <petrovich at hotmail.com>

>I would like to know how many persons have studied microbiology in
>university and are really working in microbiology now?

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