GREAT LOOKS MEANS GREAT SKIN: For men and women with sensitive skin!

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DewDrops is a non-oily facial emollient, which soothes and
heals sensitive, allergic and aging skin.

Designed by a nutritionist/master herbalist, this unique
formula nourishes from the outside in with its vitamin and
herbal make-up.

Find out for yourself why people are giving up Lancome,
Clinique and other expensive products for DewDrops.

Here are some of their comments:

"I will never be without my DewDrops."

"This is miracle stuff."

"You should get this patented."

"The fine lines around my eyes are gone, I love it."

"My acne is nearly gone."

"I had patches of dry skin and eczema on my face and now its

Note the satisfaction guarantee:

1 ounce bottle sells for $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H

suggested use = 3-5 drops per day..1 bottle last ~ 5.5

Please print this email and fill out the form below
then mail it to:

Red Apple Nutrition Services
17 Windsor Avenue
Medford, OR  97504

Or call TOLL-FREE @ 877-93-APPLE (877-932-7753)

------------- Order Form ---------------

Full Name: __________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip Code: ______________ / ___ / _________

Daytime Phone: ______________________________________

Evening Phone: ______________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________

( ) Please call me so that I can place an order.

( ) Please remove my email address from any future mailings.

( ) I am sending payment via check or money order with this form.

If paying by check please make check payable to Red Apple Nutrition
Services. Please allow 5-7 Business Days for Check Processing.

Please specify number of bottles that you wish to order ___________


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