MILK agar?

ash at umich.edu ash at umich.edu
Thu Feb 22 19:34:37 EST 2001

Hi, Make up the agar portion as 2x, and the milk portion as 2x.
Pasteurize the milk, autoclave the agar; combine.  Perhaps use
some antibiotics in case the pasteurization is not thorough.
Now if someone can tell me why when I substitute casein for milk
in this recipe I get semi-solid gels, I'll be a lab-hero too.

peace, andrew heath, infectious diseases, 
university of michigan school of medicine

J.Rowlands <oss004 at bangor.ac.uk> wrote:
: G'day all,

: I've a student trying to get to grips with milk agar for a protease test. 
: It's a long time since I did this!  References suggest autoclaving
: milk-powder solution, but this seems dooomed to failure with heat
: denaturation.  

: Anyone currently engaged successfully in milk agar that can give advice
: will become our lab hero for the week!

: Many thanks,
: John Rowlands,
: University of Wales, Bangor.
: -- 
: ------------ 
: J.Rowlands         oss004 at bangor.ac.uk

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