looking for a biology job!!! i need work!!

Jimbo in Limbo jfete at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 22 14:04:53 EST 2001

If this is as hard as Chris looks for a job, imagine how hard he will work
AT the job!

"Dilworth" <bactitech at hortonsbay.com> wrote in message
news:3a88d384$0$70811$1dc6e903 at news.corecomm.net...
> Just a comment, Chris.  If I were in a position to hire someone (I'm
> not) I would want someone who posted a request a little more
> professionally and accurately than you did.  Nothing is capitalized and
> it's difficult to decipher.  I hope the letters you're writing along
> with your resumes are a little more professionally done, as I wouldn't
> want you to be writing company correspondence this way.
> Sorry if I'm picky, but I am.
> Good luck to you.
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology
> chris brown wrote:
> >
> > wildlife biologist in sacramento, seeking ft position. open to field
work or
> > evironmental documents, any consulting companies in sac looking for and
> > entry level, but hard working employee please contact for more
> > aquaticb at pacbell.net
> >
> > chris brown

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