Peter Clayton Claytons.Claytons at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 20 20:54:50 EST 2001

I am studying salmonmella and the preventative actions that you can take
to stop 1)spreading it  2)becoming ill from it.

 My task is to design a list of approprite actions that would forfill these
 Could you please add any others that I might have missed off.  Thanks:

 * Cover up food (esp. chicken) when in the fridge
 * Wash hands when handling foods
 * Wash all surfaces before and after preparing food
 * Use disposable cloths to dry up suraces
 * Keep hands away from mouth during handling of food

Any more suggestions would be vastly appreciated.

Peter R Clayton
claytons.claytons at btinternet.com
CLANbob www.bobclan.co.uk

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