..fungal titers?

nmaccallister at webtv.net nmaccallister at webtv.net
Mon Feb 19 03:17:48 EST 2001

I'll be growing out A. niger and C. albicans next week,  hoping to
obtain 10^6 titers.  Any firm preferences out there re growing in Sab
broth as oppossed to a buffer overlay of plate growths and manual
      >Can a 3 day Sab broth culture at 22.5 be               bettered?
      >Would 25* (or 27*) provide better titers?
      >Would that require antibiotic to minimize
Or how about,.. grow them out on plates,.. overlay and dislodge,.. and
then refrigerate that supernatant,.. using an ml or two when needed.
Anybody know a good reference in this area? Thanks!  

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