Two mistakes

Albano Neira Navarro anena at eresmas.com
Sat Feb 17 09:18:14 EST 2001

I don't try to go into science, 'cause biology is not a pure science, you
know. It's only investigation, description, but not rigurously science.
There is little doubt about it, thouhg every biologist likes to talk about
him like a science and use the 'power of science' to justify him thoughts.
And... what 'tough questions' are you talking about? Somebody asked me
something about the theme I tried to discuss? Only you, Dilworth, asked me
if I'm a biologist, but... why? Sure if I wasn't a biologist, you laugh
telling "Bah, you're not a scientific"
Yes, we are biologists, but we can't understand all biologic proccess only
thinking in biology terms, specially if we are talking about exobiology,
where by the moment is so important geology and phisics as biology.

Then, I think I didn't posted my first one in the correct place. It's like
if I went to a christian discussion group and asked about the posibilitie of
a non divine intervention in life course: all the people will laugh in my
face. (Just what happens here)

No more. This is my last post, you'll be happy I think.

P.S.: Maybe my "slight" english is horrible for you; I'll try to perform it.
By the moment, I'll take my toys... I really like them.

Nice to read you.
SINCERELY yours, Albano.

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