Two mistakes

Albano Neira Navarro anena at eresmas.com
Fri Feb 16 19:51:00 EST 2001

I think it's very simple:

    1- The 1st post (J. Gentile) was talking about the posibilities of find
life somewhere in the universe, not only in the relatively very well known
Mars cortex. Well, but this wasn't the question.
    2- Philosophy is not only deductive method: there is place to all kind
of knowledge methods, you know.
    3- If you say "somewhere out there must to be life, 'cause there are
millions of planets", this is not a deductive way (is it?), but a sentence
based on a statistic calc followed by an inductive think.
    4-          ---   "You look like if you'd need a colony of martian bac
on your desk to begin to
think on the possibility of martian life."  ---
        What I wanted to say is that in which moment will you think it's
time to begin to think that is posible that Mars surface contents life.
    5- Somebody asked me if I'm a microbiologist, and maybe I should asked
you too, 'cause no one is able (not: 'no one wants')to tell anything about
which bac models could live in where martian places.
    6- If you only have good knowledge about mic and philosophy, this
discussion is not for you; you should read some geologists' publications
about Mars surface, Mars activity and martian ecological conditions to host
life: in the life not all is biology.

and 7- I think this discussion is finished, 'cause it has only give
problems. Sorry for my bad english, maybe some things I wrote wasn't what I
was thinking. In no moment I tried to hurt anybody, so, if somebody felt so,
please, excuse me.

No more. Nice to read you all. Bye.

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